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Emergency Lighting Installation

Install Emergency Lighting in your DC, MD, or VA Building

The purpose of emergency lighting is to sufficiently illuminate building exits so people can safely make their way out in case of a fire or other emergency. When these lights come on after normal lights fail, they help maintain order, prevent panic, and keep people moving in an orderly fashion toward the exit.

Of course, these positive outcomes are only possible if the emergency lights are sufficiently installed, bright, and illuminated for enough time and positioned so everyone can see them properly.

At All Safe Fire Protection, we design and install the emergency lighting system you need for health and safety compliance in your building or government office. Our experience ensures your emergency lights perform the way they’re supposed to.

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Types of Emergency Lights

As you consider what types of emergency lights to install, consider the basic fixtures found in almost every system, including illuminated exit signs and spotlights to help illuminate walkways and staircases during a power outage.

Non-maintained emergency lights only activate when the regular power goes out. Battery backups allow the lights to work when the main power supply is interrupted. Maintained emergency lights operate under normal conditions, doubling as general lighting from day to day. Sustained emergency lights incorporate two sets of lamps. One is connected to the main power and operates as normal lighting while the other is battery-operated and only functions in an emergency.

In self-contained battery systems, every fixture has its own battery. This makes for easy installation and future system expansion, but every lamp must be individually tested on a regular basis. In central battery source systems, one battery powers every emergency light in the building. Such systems are easy to test and maintain, but drawbacks include higher installation costs and the need for a dedicated room to house the battery and charging equipment.

Emergency Lighting Design and Installation

The design of your emergency light system must meet all applicable health and safety regulations. Work with All Safe Fire Protection to design and install a compliant system for your building. Competitive prices help you keep your building safe for less, and installation performed to the highest standard gives you peace of mind that your emergency lights won’t fail when you need them most.

Choose All Safe Fire Protection for you Emergency Lighting Installation

We have over 25 years of experience delivering honest, professional services to customers within Alberta. We’re proud of our “customer first” reputation and will do whatever it takes to make sure your building or office is safe and compliant. In addition to emergency lighting installation, we also offer emergency lighting inspection and emergency lighting repair.

Want to learn more? Call us today to speak with an experienced emergency lighting technician and discover why top names in business and government consistently recommend All Safe Fire Protection.

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