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Fire Hose – Inspection

Physical inspection shall determine if the hose and couplings are free of debris, and exhibit no evidence of mildew, rot, or damage by chemicals, burns, cuts, abrasion, and vermin. Liner Inspection.

The interior of the hose at each end shall be visually inspected for any physical signs of liner delamination. If the liner shows signs of delamination, the hose shall be condemned.

If the hose fails the physical inspection it shall be removed from service and either repaired as necessary and service tested, or condemned.

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Care and Inspection of Couplings and Gaskets.

Couplings shall be visually inspected for the following defects:

  1. Damaged threads
  2. Corrosion
  3. Slippage on the hose
  4. Out-of-round
  5. Connections not rotating freely
  6. Missing lugs
  7. Loose external collar
  8. Internal gasket damaged or worn out
  9. Other defects that could impair operation
  10. Any locking device operating improperly

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